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We are seeking stories from men aged 18-65 and over. 


Father and Son Relationships Survey

To support the research and development of our 2023/24 theatrical season, we're discussing masculinity; what it was and how it is evolving. 


It's without question that a maternal influence (or lack thereof) fundamentally dictates a boy's future behaviours, but recognising a societal blindspot in the quality of 'communication' between sons and their fathers; we're focusing on the traits of that relationship, and its effect on male physical, mental and social well-being.


We'd love to hear from sons sharing their thoughts and experiences about their fathers, and fathers sharing their thoughts and experiences about their sons. 


There are no right or wrong answers or format that you have to follow.

Click survey link below:

Father and Son Relationships Survey

Questions 1-9 are to serve as a guide only.

You may write according to your own thoughts on the subject and if you wish to share your thoughts/stories with us via email, you can do so at:


We want to hear from a range of men across ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, exceptionalities, language, religion and geographical area.

*Responses through the form are anonymous as we are not collecting emails addresses.


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