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Sanja Gregoric

March 2021
April 2021
May 2021
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Spring Screen Acting Classes

A variety of comprehensive and acting intensive challenges every week for upcoming and experienced actors; with TV and film scripts, in depth character development, scene study and more. This class is designed to really push actors to create unforgettable characters, gain confidence and master technical challenges in an audition, rehearsal, on stage or on set. 

Price: £95/block (4 classes)
​How to apply:
​Please send Spotlight/IMDb profile to

Sanja is a Slovenian award-winning actress of international recognition. Sanja has been working in the entertainment industry in Slovenia, Hollywood, London. She has been a part of distinguished productions such as TV Series ‘BORDERLINE ’(Directed by Matt Jones – Best known by Breaking Bad, she acted alongside Jamie Michie, who is best known by Game of Thrones and Midsomer Murders), in short film ‘BLINDNESS’ (participated at the Cannes Film Festival), commercial for the iPhone (working with two-times Oscar nominee Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu), in a movie ‘PUB QUIZ’ (working with amazing cast members such as Jonathan Bray who acted in 5 time Golden Globe winner show Mad Men and Richard Moll who acted in some of the classics like The Flintstones and Scary Movie 2). Her theatrical achievements include: being a member of THE NEW AMERICAN THEATRE COMPANY; Slovene ‘Sentjakobsko Gledalisce’. 

Sanja just finished her Antigona tour in Slovenia, directing international cast of award winning actors and creatives.


Sanja loves working with actors, bringing out their confidence, boldness and screen presence required to be exceptional in front of the camera.

What actors say about working with us:

'I like that we really take the time to study characters and actually look at how what we do works on screen. I like the fact that we do get honest, constructive feedback. The class is in a very safe space. And it’s fun. It feels like teachers do it primarily because they want to help you as an actor to develop, rather than just as another income stream.' - Stephan Dilley

‘In the past five years I have been in many casting and acting workshops, I can say that Sanja is one of the best teachers for acting on camera, how to properly audition, how to break down the script, etc. She is very professional, very, very helpful and you learn tons of new things. I had a self-tape for an audition, a speaking role in HBO TV series Strike Back. I did coaching with Sanja once I got the script and before doing my self-tape. The results were more than I expected as I booked the role and director was very satisfied with my performance. ’  - Marjan Radanovic (Strike Back, Hitman's Bodyguard)

'I loved how we were able to work a piece as though it was an actual job - getting the opportunity to work with a director on many aspects of the process you don't usually get to explore in these classes. The opportunity to work with a director and be able to implement feedback into the performance is fantastic.'  - Pippa Winslow (The Crown, Netflix; You, Me and the Apocalypse, Sky1; Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay; Suspicion – The Killing Oath)

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