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Adam Meir

New dates to be announced.

Audition Technique & Coaching for the US Film and TV Market.  


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Three day Workshop Breakdown


Adam Meir's workshop will focus on audition technique and how to approach the varied challenges of the US film and TV market.


We will discuss US Sitcoms (Multi Cam / Single Cam), feature films, TV Dramas (Procedural / Serial).

Adam will guide you through the specifics that casting directors and producers are looking for when auditioning and acting in US projects.

How to prepare for a specific show or film?

How auditioning differs to actual acting and how you actively “book the room” instead of only focussing on the role.

The class will function like a real audition with casting on tape. There will be impromptu challenges that actors deal with on a daily basis, to make sure you are ready for anything that can happen in the room.

It will be a one on one with “casting”.

We'll spend the first half of the day taping the auditions, slates and behavior in the room, adjustments and a second read through. For the second half of the day, we'll focus on reviewing the auditions as a group, discussing them and how to improve your work on camera.


At the end of the workshop all students will get a copy of all of their taped material in order to be able to refer to them in the future.


Day 1: 1st 2 hours - Meet and Greet. Talk about the US film and TV industry, it’s quirks and secrets. Introduction to casting, Slate, how to be in the room.

* 15 minute break*

3rd hour – Mock taped Cold Read of a Film script and coaching for a successful cold read.

4th hour - Watching the tapes, discussion and questions.


Day 2: 1st hour - Talk about US TV comedies, Single Camera vs. Multi Camera, tone of show, co-star/ guest star and how it differs from leads.

2nd hour - Mock taped audition/ adjustments of previously assigned sides from a Sitcom.

* 15 minute break*

Last 2 Hours – watching the tapes, discussion and questions and retry of mock audition with the new information.


Day 3: 1st hour - Talk about US TV dramas, tone of shows, Procedural/ Serial and how they differ.

2nd hour - Mock taped audition/ adjustments of previously assigned sides from a TV Drama.

* 15 minute break*

Last 2 Hours – Reviewing the tapes, dicussion and feedback before approaching mock auditions with the new information.

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